2022 Spring Mountain Fest Participant Info

Participant information for the 2022 Spring Mountain Fest
Are you a squeaker, a screamer, a woofer or a rumbler? If you don't, just have a guess - you can always switch when you get there!
Please let us know what you do and don't eat so that we can explore possibilities with the venue to get you satisfactorily fed.
Please indicate if there are any other participants you would (or strongly would NOT) like to room with during the weekend. We will do our best to accommodate everyone happily and safely. Alan has been in touch with a lot of you already, so you can leave it blank if you've already communicated this.
Attendance Details(Required)
Please indicate what parts of the weekend you will be present for. This will help us plan appropriate venues and facilities.
Are there any songs you'd love to hear sung around the firepit Friday and/or Saturday night? (Ideally songs that are well-known by a lot of people to get more voices involved.)

CLICK HERE to download your Participant Info Kit for the 2022 Spring Mountain Fest.